Rahil Patel

Machine Learning & Data Science

I am passionate about harnessing the power of machine learning and distributed computing to develop data-driven solutions for real problems.

I enjoy using mathematics, statistics, and technology to figure out the phenomena underlying data.

Previously, I studied mathematics and statistics at Columbia University.   I am currently located in New York City.


  • rpatel on Stack Exchange Feel free to check out my profile on Cross Validated , where I try to help people better understand and apply methods in Machine Learning, Probability, and Statistics.

PROGRAMMING  hover for details
  •    Python
     (numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, keras, ...)
  •    R
     (ggplot2, plyr, forecast, ...)
  •    SQL
  •    Linux Command Line
     (shell scripts)

  •    Java
  •    C#

  •    Javascript
     (TensorFlow.js, p5.js, jQuery)
  •    HTML
  •    CSS

  •  Teamwork / Communication
  •  Data Visualization & Storytelling


   Salience Crypto is a (testing-stage) trading algorithm that uses statistical arbitrage to place low-risk, high-yield pair trades on cryptocurrencies available on the Kraken exchange.   repository

SailBot is an experiment in training "bots" to sail efficiently through neuroevolution, an AI method that uses genetic algorithms to train neural networks.   repository
SailSim is a 2d simulated sailing environment. It emulates the core physics of sailing by generalizing complex interactions between the boat, its mainsail, and wind.   repository